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What is EDGE?

Individualized and specialized training programs carefully designed to develop a player's technical skills in a fun, challenging, and high paced environment.

Programs Available:  

  • Individual Training
  • Small-Group Training
  • High School Training
  • College Training
  • Futsal Teams
  • 3v3 Tournaments
  • Camps

Director-  Leo Garcia

Experience-  Best drills for age and level.  

Knowledge-  To design the best drills for each position, and to improve weaknesses and sharpen strengths.  

Teaching the Details-  Focus on the particulars, every aspect, and the minor details of the skill performed.  

Passion and Energy-  Pushing the player to a higher level that he/she might not even realize they can get to.  Inspire the player to commit to being the best he/she can be.


Training Rates:

  • Private Session- $75/hour  (Advance- 4 sessions/$250)
  • Small Group Session-  $30/hour  (Advance- 4 sessions/$100)
  • Team Training-  Email for price

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